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Our brand-new 12-week program launches SOON. 


Change your Life

We help women over 40 feel better, stronger, more confident, and have tons of energy to live the life of their dreams.  




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Semi-private Training

  Each 45-minute session is personalized with your goals in mind and is led by a certified personal trainer. Semi-Private training is a less expensive option than personal training. Our small groups have a max of 6 women who have similar goals. A great way to share the cost of personal training and experience a true community. 

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Fab Fit Boot Camp

These 45-minute classes are a great way to add a variety of exercise options to your routine. These workouts are for women of all fitness levels and vary from day to day and themes vary from week to week. We offer over 7 different class/times options per week. Try our Fab Fit Boot Camp by doing our 21-Day Jump Start Program. 

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One-On-One Personal Training

Focused one-on-one 30 or 60-minute sessions designed specifically for you and your goals. Perfect for those who are just getting started or want undivided attention. This is also a great option for those transitioning from physical therapy and want to learn how to incorporate regular exercise without getting injured. 


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This is What FabYOUlous Fitness is About...

A circle of safety


And Love

I’ve been thinking about contacting you (or someone) for a while but have no idea where to start. Can you help me?

We recommend scheduling a quick consultation so we can learn a little about you and your goals. Once we learn more we can better make a recommendation for the next step.


What if I want to do small group training but I don't have anyone to come with me? 

No worries! We've got you covered. You will be placed into a small group with women who are working towards similar goals from similar starting points.

Who do you train? 

We work with women of all fitness levels. We offer a private, safe environment for personal or small group training. 

What If I've Never Exercised before?

We've got you! No experience is necessary. We will meet you where you are and teach you everything you need to know. The hardest part is walking into your first workout...we'll be with you every step of the way. 

What We Do

We help busy Westerville women over 40 years old feel better and have more energy without extreme measures so they can be empowered to live their best lives. We use the “FabFit Method” which is made up of 3 key components: FabFit Success Blueprint, sustainable habit-based fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle guidance, and elite accountability coaching. 

Contrary to what many believe, you do not have to feel like you got the snot beat out of you to get a great workout and reach your goals. Consistent workouts, at a level appropriate for you and your goals, paired with habit-based nutrition and lifestyle guidance, are the secret to success. 

Have you started a program (or several) and not finished before? Did you feel overwhelmed? Alone? We provide you with step-by-step guidance on what to do and when to do it, so you can't get stuck. You will never be alone when you are part of our Fab Fit Family...we are with you every step of the way.






We don’t believe in fad diets, quick fixes, or extreme measures.

We believe in habit-based fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle habits that work with YOUR life/schedule. Our mission is to help women show up consistently for themselves so they can feel better and have more energy so they can live the life of their dreams.

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How it works

We make it easy to get started.  Simply follow the 3-step plan below and we will reach out to you ASAP. 

Step 1 

Sign-up for our Fab Fit Method Test Drive. This consists of 1 Success Session, 1 Personal Training Session and 2 Semi-Private Training sessions over 14-days. 


Step 2 

Meet with us for your Success Session to review your goals and design a personlized blueprint so you can't get stuck.  

Step 3 

Attend your Personal and Semi-Private Training sessions and follow the steps in your personalized blueprint to reach your goal(s).

Fab Fit Method Test Drive

Feel Better & Have More Energy

Goal Setting Session

Personalized Plan

Semi-Private Training

Sample our membership with a consult, personal training session (60-min) and 2 semi-private training sessions (each 45-minutes). Normally $249, yours today for only $99!

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Learn More About US

We are honored to be featured in VoyageOhio, GoSolo, and CanvasRebel online magazines. These magazines highlight small businesses making an impact in their community. Check out these articles to learn more about how FabYOUlous Fitness got started, our mission, and how we're different. 



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We've Moved!!

Our studio is now located at 654 Brooksedge Blvd., Suite B in Westerville. You can reach us at 614-392-4040.

Personal & Small Group Training for Women

Feel better and have more energy with our Fab Fit Method program. Want to learn more? Call 614-392-4040.

Strength Foundations Unlocked

Bridging the gap between physical therapy and strength training. Next session begins in February. Email to get more info.