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Joanna Has A Better Outlook, A Better Mood, And Is Stronger!

Joanna was overwhelmed by taking care of an adult daughter with disabilities and both of her parents having Alzheimer’s. She decided to give strength training a try to help her gain strength to be able to take care of the people she loves in her life. Check out the video below to see how it turned out.

I have been holding off reviewing this place for months now for my own selfish reasons. It’s so good I didn’t want to share it! Kim and Sherri are amazing trainers and do not make you feel like you’re working out. If you hate working out, this is your place! If you love working out, you’ll love it even more. Jessica is my favorite yoga instructor, ever! She helps you do what’s right for your body and doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself if you don’t get where you want, right away. The other women I’ve met in my classes and in training are all encouraging and positive. It’s amazing to workout in a space with all women. We’re all encouraging of each other. They’ve taught me to love my body for what it can do! You need fabYOUlous fitness.

J.R. Small Group Training and Group Fitness Class Client

Working with Kim has been an amazing experience for both mind and body! I sought out Kim’s expertise with heart rate training to help me meet my running goals safely and efficiently. Kim is so personable—warm, engaging, and invested. When you work with Kim, you know she is in your corner cheering you on as well as gently challenging you when you need it and holding you accountable because she truly wants to see her clients succeed on every front, not just physically. She is authentic, which makes working with her so much easier to face your own barriers because there is no shame—only support. While I met my running goal, I can honestly say that it became more than just about running—she really helped me view myself differently and to see both the big and little wins, which I needed. I’m so grateful to have her—highly recommend!

J.W. Heart-Rate Guided Training Client

Mary Can Squat Down And Get Up With No Problem Now!

Mary had back surgery, didn’t have good balance or any leg strength, and couldn’t get up and down off the floor before starting with us. Find out how Mary got her groove back.

I love the variety of group classes offered, the instructors, and the women that attend each class. The instructors are very knowledgeable and are fantastic with providing positive feedback to their students who are in different fitness levels. Overall, FabYOUlous fitness keeps you on track to want to continue on with your healthy personal fitness journey.

E.MStudio Group Fitness Client

Kim designs great workouts that are appropriate for every fitness level. This is a fun, no judgement zone where you’re always encouraged to become the best version of yourself!

C.W. Small Group Training Client

Stephanie Lost 125 Pounds And Quadrupled Her Energy Levels!

Stephanie was working out at a big box gym and was struggling to achieve the results she wanted without personalized attention. Watch the video below to see how she changed her life.

I have been enjoying working with Kim so much! And all the women I have had the pleasure to workout with so far have been lovely. Such a body positive space as well. Definitely recommend

D.S. Small Group Training Client

A safe and welcoming, woman only fitness studio!

S.E.Studio Group Fitness Client

Anne Is Much Stronger And Has Seen A Big Difference!

Anne knew she should be strength training but needed someone to show her how and what to do. Adding strength training twice a week has been a game changer for Anne. Watch the video below to hear more.

Adding strength training has been a real game changer for me. I’ve been amazed at the changes I’ve seen all while having fun with other women working towards their goals.

A.R. Small Group Training Client

Kim knows how to relate to the client. She readjusts the workout according to my weaknesses & what I want. She will keep you moving when resting certain muscles, which makes a more effective workout. She’s very knowledgeable which is what I need. I have had bilateral knee replacements, bilateral rotator cuff surgeries & a recent hip replacement. She has shown me a better way to exercise so that I can continue to move.

K.H.Personal Training Client

Sara Is Much Happier And More Comfortable With Her Body!

Sara felt like she wasn’t comfortable in her body. She struggled with strength and stamina to do just everyday things and that made her feel ashamed. Watch the video below to see how Sara changed her life.

Well, I have to say finding the right exercise program for oneself can be hard, VERY hard. Going it alone never worked for me. Even group classes ( exercise, yoga, water aerobics) at the community center--meh. One and done. For years. But this. This place. Weight training with these awesome instructors and classmates-- holy cow! Heaven sent! I remember when I left my first meeting with Kim last summer, I texted Anna-- if I can't stick with this I'm a lost cause. Ha! Here I am one year later. Yay, me!

J.T.Personal Training Client

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