Client Spotlight: Kerry

Oct 31, 2022

 by Kim Bouldin

Today we want to introduce you to Kerry. Kerry's been with us for well over a year now is the real deal. She's strong, honest, and inspiring!

Read more from Kerry below...

"Candidly, when Kim and the trainers reached out to me about making me the spotlight client I told them no – I didn’t feel like I deserved it.  Have I reached my health and fitness goals – hell no.  Am I as consistent with my workouts and eating right – hell no.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t made any improvements or achievements yet – they’re just different than what I set up for myself at the beginning of this journey.  I’m learning to not beat myself up over the struggles.  I have two daughters – 8 and 9 years old.  While I am working to prioritize myself at times (if I’m not healthy and feeling well I can’t be “there” for them the way that I should), there are times when I need to stop what I’m doing to be present for them.  I have a demanding job as does my husband.  Sometimes work (both mine and his) gets in the way.  What I have learned is that I’m okay with “resetting” or “restarting” as many times as it takes – as long as I keep coming back and trying.

I’ve also learned that murder is not the answer.  The other night my husband, while he was eating dessert in bed and I was setting my alarm for a 5:30 am double workout Monday morning, told me he lost 6 pounds over the weekend.  We both did the same amount of outside work all weekend, but of course I lost zero pounds.  Chances were pretty good that when I returned from the gym the next morning he would still be sleeping.  I had to take a deep breath and remind myself that if I murdered him, I would have to take on 100% of parenting our children and that would impact my ability to make it to the gym.  Additionally, it would also increase the number of occurrences during which I would eat my feelings.  So no, murder was/is not the answer.  Instead, I made a conscious decision to get up the next day and keep going on this journey to a healthier me."

This is the key takeaway: What I have learned is that I’m okay with “resetting” or “restarting” as many times as it takes – as long as I keep coming back and trying.