Client Spotlight: Mary R

Feb 18, 2024

 by Kim Bouldin

We love to shine the spotlight on our clients so they can share their real life experiences and inspire other women. Today we are going to hear Mary's story.

My name is Mary Reed and here is my story.

As I get closer and closer to retirement, the one thing that I want to be able to do is travel. My mom

saved up her whole life to be able to enjoy her retirement and due to medical issues, she was unable

to do any of the things she wanted to do. I did not want that to happen to me. I learned from my

mom that you are not guaranteed a tomorrow so you have to take care of yourself so you can have

more tomorrows. I did not know what that looked like for me and I was overwhelmed with all of the

differing views of how to do this.

One day I was on facebook and an ad popped up for a women's only gym in Westerville. So I did

what a lot of people do and I ignored it. A few months later I noticed it again, and I ignored it. Finally,

when it came up again I decided I needed to at least check it out. So I reached out and Kim

responded and we set up a time. I was nervous, I was at my highest weight ever, have diabetes and

was just diagnosed with Hoshimoto’s Thyroid, could I really do this?. I showed up to meet with Kim

and she put me at ease right away. I told her about my journey, all the different diets, the different

workouts, the different gyms and how I just never stuck with it. I always found excuses to quit. As

we were ending our meeting someone called my name, it was a friend from work. I did not know she

worked out, we had not talked about it, but this made me feel like it was meant to be. I went home

and talked to my husband, who always supports me but was skeptical because it was more

expensive than other places. We decided I would try the 6 month membership and see how it goes.

That was 10 months ago, and I am proud to say that I have stuck with it. For Christmas, my husband

bought me a year's membership. What has made this time different from the others, that is easy, it is

the feeling of family you get from FabYOUlous Fitness. People like me, with similar struggles, come

together to get healthy. The staff are all so welcoming and encouraging. I don’t feel like I have to do

every exercise like everyone else, the trainers adapt them to your needs. The small group makes you

feel like you are getting 1 on 1 attention and are cared about. Your journey matters.

I had a setback in November, I broke my wrist and I thought I was done. I could not work out, I

started to get depressed. Kim set up an appointment with me and we discussed that I did not have

to quit, we could find ways to work around my broken wrist. The next time I came in, the trainers let

me know that they knew about my wrist and actually created a workout just for me. I could not

believe they would go out of their way to do that for me.

So many things have changed in the 10 months I have been working out at FabYOUlous Fitness. I

am stronger, more flexible and I am losing inches. Even more than that, I am mentally healthier.

When I am having a rough day, I know that I can go work out and feel better. I will persevere through

my medical diagnosis and I will enjoy my retirement being able to travel and see the world. I know I

would not be in this mindset without the trainers and the FabYOUlous fitness community.