Client Spotlight: Sandy H.

Dec 20, 2021

 by Hannah Bouldin

Sandy started with FabYOUlous Fitness in April 2021. Here’s a little about Sandy and her progress so far.

“A little about myself…

I am a busy marketing professional, working in finance - I spend days in meetings in my home office or driving to Cincinnati at least one a week. I found the studio when I had a realization that I didn’t like working out at big box gyms nor was I motivated enough to work out consistently in my home gym. I needed accountability!

I am having so much fun taking classes! And really have noticed myself getting stronger!

My goals are really around being able to stay healthy and active and not let age (as I approach 50) defy how I feel. I enjoy good food, great wine, and an occasional craft cocktail so I know I need to keep active to keep my life in balance!

We have one life to live and I want to be able to embrace all the opportunities that come my way and being healthy and strong allow me to do this.

I am a big believer of we can try anything for 5 minutes so when I am feeling like I don’t want to go to class, or head out on a weekend hike (a recent new hobby) or get on my Peloton at home, I tell myself I can give it at least 5 minutes and after that I am usually having too much fun to stop!

My quote to live by… “if it is to be, then it is up to me”. Blaming others is not an option and if we want something bad enough we need to work for it.”