How many calories do you burn every day?

Jul 6, 2023

 by Kim Bouldin

What if I told you there’s ONE number you need to pay attention to BEFORE you start counting calories, macros, or anything else? 

For many of us, this number is a complete mystery. But once you figure it out, it’s a complete game-changer.

Ready for it? 

It’s your estimated TDEE – aka your Total Daily Energy Expenditure. 

In everyday language, it’s how many calories you burn every day.

No matter what your goals are, knowing this number can help you fine-tune your nutrition — and be more intentional with your choices.

●    Looking to lose weight? You now have a concrete number to work with to create a deficit.
●    Looking to maintain your weight? Knowing your TDEE can help you keep your perfect balance.
●    Looking to gain some weight (in the form of muscle)? When you know your numbers, you can do it the healthy “clean” way.

I’ve got a calculator you can use to figure out yours right now. 

Here’s the link: 

A little tip for using the calculator: A lot of us overestimate our activity level. Read the choices carefully and think about how active you are on most days of the week. :) 

It can be a real eye-opener!

Hope this helps you take a step closer to your goals.

Make it an amazing day,

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