How-To Reset Your Metabolism

Jul 13, 2023

 by Kim Bouldin

Ready for a quick list of actions you can take starting TODAY that will help you reset your metabolism naturally?

The secret is to upgrade your self-care. (Sorry, I’m not talking about hitting the spa for “you” day. :) )

That’s because your healthy metabolism depends on your healthy daily habits.

Here are the 5 pillars to focus on when it comes to naturally rebooting your metabolism:

●    Exercising, including using weights & doing higher-intensity workouts at least 2x a week
●    Eating a balanced, low-sugar, whole-foods-based diet that includes protein at every meal — and eating at regular times throughout the day
●    Sleeping 7-8 hours every night
●    Being more active in general — not only does this burn more calories, but it also “primes” your body to release more fat-burning enzymes
●    Have an outlet for your stress — whether it’s meditation, exercise, hobbies, or talking it out with a friend

THEN… once you get your habits squared away, you can start adding a few “extras” to give you a little boost:

●    Be diligent about drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water a day
●    Add spicy foods to your weekly rotation
●    Drink a moderate amount (1-2 cups) of unsweetened coffee or green/oolong tea a day 
●    Get your vitamin D levels checked because low levels are linked to less energy and a slower metabolism.

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Naturally resetting your metabolism is like doing a “reset” on your health and fitness, from the inside out!

I hope this info helps you move closer to your goals. 🚀

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Make it a great day,

Kim Bouldin