“I’ll start tomorrow” (don’t fall for this)

Jul 2, 2024

 by Kim Bouldin

We’ve all said it… I’ll start tomorrow.

And we usually even mean it! 

And maybe we DO start tomorrow… but before too long, we find ourselves focused on yet another restart… and yet another tomorrow!

The truth is, whether you’re talking about working out, cleaning up your diet, or getting more sleep…

The I'll start tomorrow mindset is a HUGE obstacle between you and your goals.

And the more you say it, the bigger that obstacle grows.

I’ll start tomorrow is NOT laziness (even though that is what we often tell ourselves).

It’s actually about fear: fear of failure, of change, and maybe even of success. 

This fear is sneaky because the longer you put off starting, the harder it becomes to believe you can achieve your goals.

Here’s what to do instead of waiting till tomorrow:

Start TODAY with just ONE SMALL THING.

  • Take a walk around the block instead of waiting to begin that fancy 12-week periodized workout plan

  • Make a healthy choice for dinner, instead of expecting yourself to dive full-force into a complete meal-planning program

  • Move more and sit less (while being intentional about it)

  • Sign up for that program you’ve been thinking about 

The whole point is just to START.

All we’ve got is today. Let’s make it count.

Committed to Your Success,

Kim Bouldin

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