Permission to Ask for Help

Jun 4, 2023

 by Kim Bouldin
Permission to Ask for Help
This past month has really been enlightening for me. We had a lot going on with the studio move, and of course business doesn’t stop while all of this additional stuff is going on. It was essentially double the work.
I am historically bad at asking for help. Part of me feels like it’s just easier for me to do it rather than find someone and then explain how/what needs done. Part of me feels ashamed…like why can’t I get all of this done? Perhaps my time management skills need revamping? You can see how this can easily lead me down a rabbit hole.
One of the most important lessons I learned from my business coach is this…my time/energy should be focused on the top 5% of actions that drive my business forward. Everything else should be delegated or eliminated. This can also be applied to areas outside of work…if what I’m spending a lot of time/energy on doesn’t align with my goals, it should be delegated or eliminated. I’ve made a lot of progress in this area over the past year or two, but recently I refocused on the tasks that are in my top 5%.
This means I asked friends and/or family for help. I searched out paid help for tasks that I can do myself, but don’t fall in my top 5%. This was hard. I had to really sit and talk to myself like I would a client I was coaching. I gave myself permission to ask for help. By doing this I’m able to focus on the most important tasks for myself and the business.
Some of the critical tasks for myself include getting enough hydration, fuel, sleep, and exercise. This means that sometimes my idea of what this should all look like isn’t what reality turns out to be…and that’s okay. Again…I give myself permission to do the best I can with the circumstances that are in front of me at that time.
If you are feeling stressed, burned out, exhausted, are sick all of the time, are dealing with chronic pain, and/or are not sleeping well, it’s time to take a look at your day/week. What do you spend your time doing? Are there tasks on your list that can be delegated or eliminated? How can I help?