Say Goodbye to Marathon Plank Sessions

Sep 6, 2023

 by Kim Bouldin

This month we are focusing on 10 easy "cheat codes" that can help you get over the hardest part of working out. You can grab your copy of our "Do This, Not That Fitness Results Cheat Sheet here.  

I’ve got a “Do This, Not That” for you today that can make a BIG difference in your core strength. 

Here it is:

Doing Different Types of Plank Exercises > Holding Longer and Longer Planks

Planks are recognized as one of the BEST EXERCISES you can do for your core because it works so many muscles at the same time.

But… let’s be honest. Planks are boring, they take a lot of time, and did I mention they were boring? 

There’s even a joke about them: Want to learn how to slow down time? Do a plank!

Here’s what you can do instead…

Once you can hold a plank for 30-45 seconds, layer in different types of plank exercises.

Not only are they NOT boring, but they can be even more effective for your core strength than a regular plank.

The key is to add movement to your planks. 

Here are a couple of variations to get you started:

Plank knee drop:

  • Get into a perfect plank position from your elbows, your legs out straight behind you.
  • Lower one knee to the ground and then return to starting.
  • Then lower the other knee and return to starting.
  • Continue to alternate knees for a total of 10 reps on each side, keep your body steady.
  • Make sure to breathe and keep your body steady.

Plank shoulder tap:

  • Get into a high plank (from your hands), with your wrists under your shoulders and your feet hip-width apart. 
  • Brace your core and touch your left shoulder with your right hand while holding your body steady. 
  • Return to plank position, placing your hand back on the floor.
  • Touch your right shoulder with your left hand and return to plank position.
  • Continue alternating sides until you do 10 taps on each side.
  • Again, make sure you breathe! This one requires some concentration, which can make you want to hold your breath. 

Try doing these plank variations and see what you think! If they feel extra challenging, you can always drop your plank to your knees until you feel more comfortable with them.

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Make it an amazing day,

Kim and the Fab Fit Team