This is what happens when you follow through.

Feb 19, 2024

 by Kim Bouldin

You know those days when you finally leave work…

… and the LAST thing you want to do is hit the gym, cook dinner, and tackle your never-ending to-do list?

Have you ever thought about what happens when you say the heck with it… and DON’T do those things?

In the moment it feels like a relief. 

But later? It can feel like a real letdown.

Because choosing NOT to slack off — to do the thing anyway, especially after a tough day — is where real growth happens

Every time you choose to push through, you're not just working toward your goals… 

You're also building mental resilience and self-efficacy (your belief in yourself to follow through).

And that’s not even talking about how your workout can actually boost your mood and energy levels because of the feel-good hormones released during exercise.

These small victories — the moments when you choose what's good for you over what's easy — add up to big changes.

So, next time you feel like ditching your routine in favor of the couch, remember this: 

Your growth is directly proportional to the challenges you chase. 

You've got this!

Committed to Your Success,

Kim and The Fab Fit Team

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