Jen Allen

Joined FabYOUlous Fitness 2023
Personal Trainer, ASFA

Jen started seeking her certification after participating in several half marathons and having a recurring back injury. She loved running long distances, but her body did not.

She found herself going to all kinds of classes at her local gym and loving all the methods used to stay in shape without the stress of the high impact on her joints.

Jen decided after watching and getting personal training herself that she wanted to seek her own certification. She received her ACE certification and started job searching right away. Her first training was with a national franchise that did mobile training - they trained in people's homes or went to local parks or outdoors if weather permitted.

She loved the method the franchise followed. Within a couple of years, Jen and some friends, whom she encouraged to receive their own certifications, formed their own training business and found themselves very successful.

They were approached by food delivery services, assisted living facilities, schools, and community groups for their services.

They became well-versed in personal and group training. During COVID, they were able to coach online, and eventually, Jen converted her garage into a small gym where they continued safe training, before safely heading back into people's homes.

Jen and family moved from Seattle back home to Ohio while Jen's husband was able to remain remote - they love living by family for the first time in 28 years.

Upon their return, Jen was busy trying to get her family to adjust, renovating a home, and seeking a job. She searched for what seemed like forever and found FabYOUlous Fitness; it seemed like a great fit. She has felt so lucky to be a part of such a wonderful group of strong, supportive women and is looking forward to continuing with this.

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