Keri Leach

Joined FabYOUlous Fitness 2018
Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor

Keri has a passion for helping people become their best selves. For years, she worked in pharmaceutical sales talking to doctors treating patients with type 2 diabetes. Seeing the impact the disease has on people, Keri was inspired to do more. 

Keri worked hard to become an personal trainer and nutrition coach. She was so excited to get to work and make a real difference in peoples’ lives. One snide comment put her plans to help people on pause. While reading a magazine shortly after passing her trainer exam, she saw a quote, “if your trainer doesn’t have the body you want, find a new trainer.”  She begun to compare herself to #fitspo posts and fitness models on the socials and her confidence plummeted. She refused to do any in-person training despite being asked multiple times. See, it wasn’t her body Keri needed to work on. It was her brain. After a lot of mindset work Keri began training clients at FabYOUlous Fitness. After working with women and helping them feel worthy, she discovered she was too.

Keri knows all about self-doubt and fear of failure. She knows about the diet roller coaster and how hard it is to get off. She knows about the supplements, quick fix diets, and deprivation.  And she knows that we all require two types of “resistance” training—one for the body and the other for the mind. 

To keep you on a steady path toward success, Keri uses humor and heart. She believes doing something, anything, is a step in the right direction. Her passion is to make it easier for you to love yourself and to live your best life. Keri is inspired by many special women in her life, but mostly by her 3 incredible daughters who give her far more strength than lifting weights ever will. 

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