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Meet our team

Kim BOuldin - Founder

Founded FabYOUlous Fitness 2012
Personal Trainer

Kim has always had an interest in health and fitness, but after the birth of her second child, she decided to pursue a career as a personal trainer. She was training to run a half marathon and exercising at our local big box gym. She always felt uncomfortable in the gym…so much so that there were times when she would skip certain exercises to avoid the possibility of looking like a fool. As she went through the personal training curriculum, she decided that she wanted to help other women like her who avoided the gym (or exercise altogether) because they were scared, intimidated, or uncomfortable.

Once she completed her certification, she found a small local studio for women and began seeing clients. Over the past ten years, she's continued to create a safe space for women to exercise, eliminating one of the biggest obstacles between women and their goals. She opened her own space in 2018, giving FabYOUlous Fitness its own brick & mortar location. The studio has grown so much that they've added additional space in June 1, 2022 so that they can help even more women live the life of their dreams.

meet our coaches

Sheri EvelAND

Joined FabYOUlous Fitness 2018
Head Trainer, Pilates Instructor

Sheri wears several hats at FabYOUlous Fitness. As Lead Trainer she loves interacting with the trainers to give our clients the best experience possible. 

As a personal trainer/small group and fitness instructor she has a passion for giving our clients knowledge about their body whether that is explaining muscles and movements or just being there when a client discovers they can do that exercise they didn’t think they could do or lift that weight they thought they couldn’t lift. She loves celebrating every win in their life from job promotions to children’s birthdays and being there for the sad stuff too. 

Outside of the studio Sheri enjoys spending time with her husband and family as well as her cat and watching Houdini the hermit crab do crab things. Also exercising, learning, working in her yard and garden and cooking hold a special place in her heart. 


Hannah Dasgupta

Joined FabYOUlous Fitness 2020
Personal Trainer and Couch to 5K Coach

Hannah Dasgupta joined FabYOUlous Fitness in 2020. Her fitness career began over a decade prior to this when an opportunity to coach beginner runners fell into her lap. “That experience changed the course of my life! Bearing witness to peoples’ mental, emotional, and physical transformations was powerful and I knew I wanted to do it forever.”

Hannah studied exercise education at Columbus State and holds a personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She currently offers personal training sessions in addition to teaching Circuit, Small Group Training, and the Couch to 5k series.

Mary Foley

Joined FabYOUlous Fitness 2022
Personal Trainer

I’m Mary Foley, a NASM-certified Personal Trainer. I consider personal fitness my true vocation and have a real passion for helping people learn how to live healthier lives. Prior to becoming a personal trainer, I worked as a sales representative for a dental implants company, and as an office manager and chairside assistant for various oral surgery offices.

A Rochester, New York native, I’ve spent time living in Los Angeles, Denver and Phoenix before settling in Columbus over twenty years ago.

When I’m not working with clients, I’m spending time with my husband, Billy, and two children, Madeline and Sam. Some of my favorite things are hiking and exploring new trails, binge-watching questionable television shows, puppy-sitting my daughter’s dog, Eve, and eating Chipotle tacos.

Jennifer Smiechowski

Joined FabYOUlous Fitness 2018
Personal Trainer, Barre Instructor

Jenn Smiechowski is a heart disease survivor and NASM Certified Personal Trainer, as well as a NASM Certified Behavior Change Specialist. She also holds group fitness certifications in Barre Above, Balletone, and LaBlast. She is currently working to become a GGS-1 Women’s Health Coach and Pre/Postnatal Coaching Specialist. With her prior background in music performance, she brings a fun and enthusiastic approach to fitness so that she can help women live their best lives by gaining strength, building consistency, and staying motivated all while having FUN!

Jenn has a passion for Wellness Coaching. She loves having the opportunity to work with women one on one, to set them up for success by getting to the heart of their “why” while challenging and eliminating roadblocks in their path. As the Client Happiness Specialist, she sends our women notes of encouragement and support to celebrate wins or share a shoulder in times of loss or struggles.

When she’s not teaching, Jenn can be found spending time with her husband, two amazing kids, and two fantastic dogs; crafting; reading; or working on her next big goal.

Keri Leach

Joined FabYOUlous Fitness 2019
Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor

Keri has a passion for helping people become their best selves. For years, she worked in pharmaceutical sales talking to doctors treating patients with type 2 diabetes. Seeing the impact the disease has on people, Keri was inspired to do more. 

Keri worked hard to become an personal trainer and nutrition coach. She was so excited to get to work and make a real difference in peoples’ lives. One snide comment put her plans to help people on pause. While reading a magazine shortly after passing her trainer exam, she saw a quote, “if your trainer doesn’t have the body you want, find a new trainer.”  She begun to compare herself to #fitspo posts and fitness models on the socials and her confidence plummeted. She refused to do any in-person training despite being asked multiple times. See, it wasn’t her body Keri needed to work on. It was her brain. After a lot of mindset work Keri began training clients at FabYOUlous Fitness. After working with women and helping them feel worthy, she discovered she was too.

Keri knows all about self-doubt and fear of failure. She knows about the diet roller coaster and how hard it is to get off. She knows about the supplements, quick fix diets, and deprivation.  And she knows that we all require two types of “resistance” training—one for the body and the other for the mind. 

To keep you on a steady path toward success, Keri uses humor and heart. She believes doing something, anything, is a step in the right direction. Her passion is to make it easier for you to love yourself and to live your best life. Keri is inspired by many special women in her life, but mostly by her 3 incredible daughters who give her far more strength than lifting weights ever will. 

Cally english

Joined FabYOUlous Fitness 2023
Personal Trainer

Cally English is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Level 1 CrossFit coach. Fitness and Health have always been a passion of hers since high school sports. She graduated college in 2013 with her bachelors in nursing. She has 10 years of nursing experience and decided to specialize in surgery in 2016. After working with patients in the operating room she decided she wanted to be more involved with how to prevent patients from needing surgery and living healthier lives. 

She had lived in California the past 5 years and an opportunity to coach at her local CrossFit gym came up. She dived right in and worked on both of her certifications and never looked back. She recently moved back to Ohio to be closer to family as they welcomed the birth of their first child. She would like to pursue a certification in pre/post natal health and fitness and help other moms build tools to stay healthy before, during, and long after pregnancy. Helping people hit their goals, feel healthier, more confident, and overall improve their quality of life has been a dream come true for her and she is excited to continue this journey alongside the rest of the trainers at FabYOUlous Fitness.

Outside of training clients and doing her own work-outs she loves spending time with her husband, Aaron, and son, Jack. She enjoys reading, hiking, running, traveling, playing cards, and hanging out with her family and friends. She is always seeking to learn and grow and keeps an open mind to new adventures. Cally is looking forward to working with all of the “fabyoulous” women at the studio!

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